Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Property Preservation & Winterization the real money

Okay I have been doing the Property Preservation gig for a couple of years now, mostly on the Debris haul off and cleaning up the yard and then maintaining the lawns.  I have a pretty good route and it puts food on the table, the thing is these regional companies are getting way to greedy.  What once paid $23.00 is now paying $18.00 and during the winter months it is not every 2 weeks but more of an on call type of situation with regards to the lawn work but I still get the drive by inspections paying a whopping $4.00.
I was explaining it to a fellow Property Preservationist friend of mine (Bob) and he asked me “why don’t you let the mowers rest in the winter and do property winterizations?”  Trust me I had thought about it but the fact is I didn’t know how to do them and I explained that to him. 
Bob told me to go to youtube and do some research and after that if I thought I could handle it he would take me on a few winterization jobs.  Here is what I learned …Youtube is a Treasure Trove of knowledge; I could not believe the amount of information regarding the subject of not only winterization but property preservation as a whole.  Here are some links I found useful in making my decision to take Bob up on his offer.

I think I am done with the lawn business side of property preservation…at least for Regional companies they are too far down the food chain to make it worth my while. 
Good Luck and Best Wishes!

Here is another video I found on youtube for those of you interested in becoming a Property Preservation Specialist


http://www.naarpiinternational.org   < This site was voted #1 the industry provider in education the Property Preservation University................Check out there library.